77+ Events

Events and Culturals during Asthra. Giving new dimensions to your talents and skills, empowering you to blend the mixture of your fantasies and arise reincarnated with an experience of a lifetime.


Showcasing infront of you a whole pallet of a perfect mixture of precisely chosen Workshops to enrich your knowledge and widen your horizon of experiences. Share what you know and let others take you places you have never been before. A chance to explore, enrich and enlighten.

Dare 2 Dance

"Practice like you have never won, perform as if you have never lost."Dance is a global feel and we believe in the unity of happiness and peace that it brings about. It moves not just your feet but your heart. Come and dance with us!


Are you ready to prove that you are more than JUST and engineer? Test your engineering, professional and employability skills here. Offering you a platform to showcase your creativity,adaptability, communication and leadership skills.You can only win. Go for it!


Sometimes all you want to do is to take it all in. Just listen, observe and let everything around inspire you. Let your fascination for the technical world dance hand in hand with your love for art. The exhibitions are a perfect hangout space during the Asthra days, don't miss them! Have fun+